Design portfolio



We were commissioned to design a new logo device for Equilibrium Building Solutions, a new business venture supplying a range of building services to commercial and residential clients across the South East of England. 

The resultant device had to be distinctive from existing competition, reflect stability and trust, as well as flexible enough to be used across many different applications and formats.

Equilibrium Building Solutions


Based in York Leading Labels currently operate a chain of 12 discount designer clothing outlets, retailing classic and contemporary styles for men and women.

Aware of the need to update and enhance their current brand image, Leading Labels decided to develop a new brand and retail environment. Bluefly in partnership with Leading Labels and interior designers, M Design Associates, developed a new retail brand and corporate identity, which would support clearly defined business objectives. The resultant design solutions included graphic and photographic treatments, internal and external signage systems and a range of in-store merchandising systems.

The partnership has provided Leading Labels with a distinctive, strong retail identity, which has enhanced their business offer with customers, suppliers and retail developers.

Leading Labels - Dundee

Leading Labels


X-trude FX SystemsMillennium Imaging Systems has spent three years developing a range of colour print and doming solutions. We were asked to consider a design solution that would reflect the nature of the liquid resin based process and create a distinct brand profile.

This new process provided an opportunity to both market and promote this product to established sign makers and new business ventures, so we developed specific brand profiles and material targeting these two distinct groups, enabling Millennium Imaging Systems to effectively introduce and successfully market a new business venture.


We were asked to design a new brand device for the Sports Mill, a high street retailer based in Scotland specialising in professional sports clothing and fitness equipment.

The new device had to provided a clean and recognisable visual profile that could be adapted to form the central theme for signage, merchandise, POS, ticketing as well as exterior and interior treatments.  Consistent application has contributed to the success of the brand, and has measurably increased footfall and profitability in all three stores.




Barrett Haskins Designs Ltd, based in Sevenoaks, Kent, have built up an impressive portfolio of local, national and international clients working on a wide variety of projects and have won many awards and commendations.  We were invited to develop a new corporate identity to visually consolidate business activities and new marketing opportunities.  This project included logo generation colourways and design application across mainstream printed material.