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The Guardian
Anti-Racist protesters block DFLA march

The Guardian
Rising veganism in the west has a down side

Union claims victory in dispute with UK theatre chain Picturehouse

The Guardian
Corbyn must expel antisemites, says holocaust surviver

The Metro
March4Women - Thousands take to the streets to march for gender equality

Editorial: The world may soon run out of chocolate

MSN News
Feature: Helen Skelton image featured in 'MSN News - The most wonderfully strange pictures of 2017'

The Daily Record
Football hooligan heads to Scotland in recruitment drive for Far-Right Group

The Daily Record
Scuffles break out as hard line Football Lads Allience (FLA) March through central London

The Guardian
Nursing: May's uncaring snub on pay is an insult to NHS nurses

LCI (France) - International
Israel: Government calls for bill to silence calls for prayer

Telegraph - Education
NUS president is self-confessed former drug dealer

Telegraph - Pictures of the Day
Pearly Kings &Queens at the Feast of St. George, Trafalgar Square.

Le Figaro - Brexit
Theresa May and the prerogatives of Henry VIII

Evening Standard
Showbiz: Hasselhoff says taking selfies has become 'annoying'.

Editorai: Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party

Personnel Today

National Living wage: How to tighten the payroll and enhance productivity

The Telegraph

Mapped: Where are the homeless households in England?

BuzzFeed News
13 things you may not know about tipping in restaurants

The Telegraph
Protesters call for PMs resignation after Panama disclosure

Junior Doctors Protest
The Sun
Junior Doctors protest march over new contracts

Police Federation magazine
Police Federation Magazine
70th Anniversary VJ Day celebrations

The Guardian
Protest against Japan's annual Dolphin hunt

Junior Doctors Strike
The Guardian
Junior Doctors protest over new contracts

Prospect Magazine
Will the Government come clean about involvement in torture


Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell speaks against Government cuts at Student protest


Nurses Bursaries
The Guardian
Protest over proposed cuts to NHS student bursaries

The Typewriter
Junior doctors hold rally against proposed new NHS contracts

Daily Express
Jacob Rees-Mogg warns '
Brexit protest is waste of time'

Israel News
British Jews cite anti-semitism as reason for emigration

Habari Times
Fuel girls on stage at London Tattoo Convention

The Guardian
Tommy Robinson supporters - Coverage of court proceedings inevitable
, says top TV executive

The Guardian
Government must 'wake up to Universal Credit flaws'

The Guardian
Pride in London: a sea of rainbow flags

The Metro
420 Day, celebrates cannabis in all its forms

The Guardian
Hate speech leads to violence

The Guardian
Best signs from London 'Time's Up' Rally

The Metro
Hundreds of Women march through London to 'Reclaim the Night'

The Guardian
Caroline Lucas critisises PM over plan to toughen up Westminster sexual harissment policies.

Personnel Today
Nursing unions demand 3.9% pay rise

Mail on Line
London's peaceful 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally decends into brawl

Picture of the Day

London Animal Rights March

Guardian feature - London Tattoo Convention
The Guardian
The 12th London International Tattoo Convention

The Guardian

Guardian Opinion: Is Theresa May right that scrapping Trident would be irresponsible?

The Sun

One of three images used for center page spread 'Red Hot' on Miss USSR UK beauty contest held at the Troxy, London

The Telegraph (Picture of the Day)
Red smoke at Topshop protest over two cleaners suspended for joining a union to fight for permanent contracts and a living wage

The Guardian
Britains want cannabis legalised, says ex-minister

Expressen (Sweden)
Protesters call for PMs resignation over Panama Papers

Prospect Magazine
Junior Doctors stage 4th 48hr strike over new contracts

SR News
Announcing LGBT month, promoting a safe environment in Sunderland

Sisters Uncut hold funeral March for victims of domestic violence and violence against women

Climate for HealthClimate for Health

Making headway on climate solutions

Occupy Democracy
The Guardian
Occupation of Parliament Square during the 'Occupy Democracy Campaign'.

London Tattoo Convention
London Tattoo Convention
London Tattoo Convention
London Tattoo Convention
10th International Tattoo Convention, Tobacco Dock

Thames floods
The Guardian
Firemen rescue Thames flood victims